Words to Learn

Words to look up or I have looked up recently. How many do you know??

badinage light banter "Since my captivity began I have been given the use of a singular suite of rooms in this place, and received, I must confess, every possible attention. I have been waited upon by the she−devil who lured me here, but not one word other than a species of coarse badinage has she spoken
to me."
sigil a seal or signet "It has," replied my friend grimly. "I believe it to be the name, or perhaps the sigil, of an extensive secret
society with branches stretching out into every corner of the Orient."
hemiplagia paralysis of one side of body  
aphasia loss of ability to speak or understand spoken or written words due to brain damage  
afflatus strong creative impulse "The divine afflatus should never be neglected," announced Nayland Smith didactically, "wild though its promptings may seem."
perruquier A marker of perukes or wigs  
peruke A wig, especially one worn by men in the 17th and 18th centuries; a periwig.  
decorous characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character, etc. Small in stature, particular, and decorous, Horne was a cautious commander.
yashmak the veil worn by Muslim women to cover the face in public.  
maquette small scale model used to visualise and test shapes and ideas without incurring the cost and effort of producing a full scale product. It deforms Ludwig's mesh and a low poly maquette.
schiltron Group of soldiers with pikes to ward off calvary. Bruce spotted the manoeuvre and ordered Randolph's schiltron to intercept
luchador A Mexican wrestler that fights in the lucha libre style.  
theurgist A system of beneficent magic practiced by the Egyptian Platonists and others. As a theurgist, Iamblichus used magic to call upon the power of the gods.
carburization To cause to unite with carbon. This was the development of the process of digging iron ore from the ground and heating it to such high temperatures that finished iron could be wrought, using the anvil and hammer; sufficient carburization of the iron produced steel.