Shapemerge! Sorta.

Do I ever use the cookie cutter script that comes with Blender? Yes I do. Cuz the results are much more stable than Boolean.

1. SHAPEMERGE IN BLENDER -- COOKIE CUTTER SCRIPT TUTORIAL (3 pages) *T Note: Added some comments at the end of it.

2. LITTLE THINGS TO KNOW -- USEFUL STUFF YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT. The L key. Scaling to Zero. Spherizing on the fly *B

3. QUAD AND TOPOLOGY -- Just started. *B

4. QUIRKS OF BLENDER -- Some stuff about Blender that appears confusing to beginners. My heart is not in this, but I will add to it. *B

5. NEW TO ME -- Anything valuable I learned about recently or discovered, or just finally got around to looking into more. There are sites devoted to introducing people to new scripts but I thought I would mention any I find useful anyway. *B

*T = tutorial.
*B = hints, tricks, suggestions, musings... basically notes to myself presented for other people to read. Like a blog in a way. I keep adding to them.

Almost Empty Book List ... I hadn't read any books on CG, relying on tutorials and Wiki ... but finally I did read one recently and I found it very instructive, easy to follow, etc, etc... It's: Introducing Character Animation with Blender, by Tony Mullen.. Covers alot ... and I mean ALOT.