3d Renders

Renders go here. Or models. I really mean models I done. Uhm ... what will be here. Maybe just start with some in-progress junk. Why? Because it may organize my very dis-oriented mind. There's nothing to be gained by putting up a 'storybook' with figures and so on, as I consider that more of a hopeless commercial venture, and needs to be done right with some completeness.. It's figures I spend the most time on. Lately I've been working on space stuff, as well.

Part of a space suit for my 'story'. It ain't finished obviously but it's on its way. The seams have to be dealt with and some details added, Plus textures! There's a suit, as well. Worked from some photos of an old Space 1999 series ... Lots of use of EDGESPLIT ... the edgesplit modifier is good to keep certain edges sharp after a subsurf ... you have to mark the edges sharp first (Ctrl E and then Mark Sharp from the menu), and then add an EDGESPLIT modifier onto the object.

I had a choice on how to do the visor frame, whether I wanted to extrude around and push vertices, then subsurf or cut it out of a spheriod ... Guess which I did.

The head is just a practice head. Those pile up as I try to learn more about heads.


stairsStairs! You can see some beginning attempts at wainscotting and that sort of thing. I should really continue with this. Also I done spiral stairs which have always fascinated me ... Basically I wanted to do a whole house. Which means, for me, that I have to study building construction. How windows are made, what different kinds there are, which look the most interesting. How doors are made ... Mouldings ... dormiers ... louvres! Just endless, really.

I studied stairs before I done em, and there's always more and more little details you can add, and each detail, although small, has an impact and adds to the total .....




This thing is part of a winch ... it was used for mines, to haul stuff up and down I suppose. It should have a motor attached to it, the motor is not done yet. It's not finished, obviously. Not even textured. All made in Blender. The jagged part was the most fun to do cuz it was the most challenging--I like the challenge of making such shapes. My rule is it's gotta look good when not textured before I texture it. I believe in good modelling. I believe in it, but perhaps I don't do it, I dunno.

Sometimes I see a photo of something I think is cool, and wanna model it, but really, all I got is one or two photos of it. The winch there is an example of that. If the object is complicated, a couple of photos may not be enough to have a good understanding of how all the parts work, or what they look like even. Of course the rest might be made up by the imagining what it may be like.

Though I'm building up a better collection of ebooks of various objects ...