I use various software. Who asked? No one, no one. There's so many CG programs out there, I've tried somet but I've tried but a small fraction of the whole. Ones that I use often: Blender 3d for most things; Zbrush for painting; 3ds Max occasionally; and Poser, yes, Poser--one of the buggiest programs ever made!

My computer is way too slow now for some of new versions of stuff, but it's ok for the newest version of Blender in most cases. It's a bit too slow for, say, 3ds Max 7.

Last couple of yrs I've focussed on Blender, partly for speed reasons, partly cuz it's free and updates are free, and partly cuz it's good in the things that matter to me. I decided: this is the one. No jumping around. And so I try to know as much as I can about it.

I've written tutorials in the past and probably will in the future. One of my old tutorials was on Clothreyes plugin for 3ds Max 3. It's still around on account that I can no longer log into, with a email address shown that no longer works! 3ds Max has long since incorporated a cloth simulator into their program.. first time may have been version 5. And what's out now? Version 9?

Tutorial writing I consider 'giving back.' I didn't write another one until recently, which is to show Blender's version of 3ds Max SHAPEMERGE modifier--a tutorial which is probably completely unknown, and unwanted, yet the script can be very useful. Another one that might be useful is on the quirks of Blender ... for people that are familiar with something else and Blender seems too different.

I wanted to put up some storybooks ... I'll explain what I mean by that eventually.